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It's well said and resonates deeply in the context of just having finished this novel. This book delves into the murky world of psychedelic drugs and the police trying to stop it but not in a typical cri One of the first things I noticed about this book was how quickly I was drawn into this world. This was a fascinating story if somewhat terrifying about LA in the 90s seen from the 70s and the future is grim. Still, this is a complete work by a talented writer and, minimalistic as it is, keeps the reader engaged. The character of Donna was inspired by an older teenager who became associated with Dick sometime in ; though they never became lovers, the woman was his principal female companion until earlywhen Dick left for Canada to deliver a speech to a Vancouver science fiction convention.

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There are other characters in the book.

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A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick

He was more interested in philosophy and the nature of reality, religion, and the mind that most writers, but that's not to say he was anything other than paranoid. Philip K Dick's partially autobiographical chronicle of 70s hippie drug culture takes place under the eternal sunshine of southern California. The hallway is nice and cool, the beating sun is already half-forgotten. The movie version is directed by Richard Linklater, an indie filmmaker from Austin, Texas. The story actually begins with one character who suffers a permanent hallucination of being bitten by aphids - he goes to extreme measures such as standing under a hot shower for hours at a time to combat the pain - which are actually a product of the brain damage caused by Substance D and other illegal substances. Among its many side effects is the risk of split brain phenomenon, where a user will develop two identities and have one side of their brain talk to the other as if two different people in conversation.

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