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Very few people picked on me when he was around. He was my little brother but he was bigger than me in every way besides for height. I started moaning, wondering if it would get him off to. I be coolin' where the drug dealers and thugs be Every time they see us out they say it must be Yeah I'm rappin' but I'm really serving custys Bitch I'm sliming baby girl so don't you trust me Get your homie, we'll kill him if he touch me I love my nigga Franky, he gon' front me Ride around with quarter pounders in the front seat Smoking cookie, off a perc, I'm on them fun things Your bitch be giving brain, that girl a dumb ting We be making money, you just fronting We be fucking bitches like it's nothing You want smoke, you get smoke This your bitch, she give throat I'm on go, I get dough I fuck hoes, I pour fours What's the deal, keep it real Is we fuckin'? It left me feeling empty inside. Mark was wearing a sadistic grin on his face. He blew 8 ropes of gooey cum into my mouth.

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Jeremy was under the last shower head, washing his flawless naked body.

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I think I might have him fuck me at home. I paid attention to how the different parts of his dick had different tastes. It tasted so good! He was the classic stereo type. He had the smallest cock in the group, but the third largest set of balls. I went inside and proceeded to get undressed, I waited for Jeremy to get into the shower. He was 6 foot tall, broad shoulders, red hair placed sparingly all over his body.

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