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So it all depends on who you ask. Being a virgin is nothing more than not having sex with another person. How do I know if I lost my virginity? The definition of virginity is nebulous. Should I hire a hooker to lose my virginity? Is it normal for a virgin to bleed a little after she was fingered?

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The definition of virginity is nebulous.

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Moral virginity is totally different - a simple example: Related Questions How can I get my virginity back? Its patronising to call a grown, sexually practiced lesbian a 'virgin. Can a girl lose her virginity through fingering? He was 22 and she was 19 so you can't really blame youthful ignorance. If you have sexual contact with another person, then you are no longer a virgin. Almost every girl has going to have inserted her fingers into her vagina before a penis enters it, as well as having inserted tampons and various objects candles, brush handles, vegetables, etc.

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