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We have to watch the negative terms we refer to. According to the task force report, parents can play a major role in contributing to the sexualization of their daughters or can play a protective and educative role. Kendrick, family therapist and author of "Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We're Going to Grandma's," has been working with families, including young girls and their parents for almost 40 years and has seen the importance of appearance gradually shift to younger and younger girls for just as long. She also explores intersections between gender ideologies, body image, and sexuality. Volume 18SeptemberPages 19—

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She believes stark differences and gaps between genders develop sooner than they should, if girls can't play as hard and much as their boy peers.

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Toddlers and Tears: The sexualization of young girls

Whenever I think popular culture, and the companies that control it for their own profiteering ends, has gone as low as it can go in its wanton disregard for basic decency in general and children in particular, it always seems to find a way to dig deeper within itself and discover new depths to plumb. It definitely not good. Cognitive and Emotional Consequences: But when it comes to hypersexualizing young girls by major retailers and advertising companies on social media, they see no problem in targeting the tween markets with provocative and hypersexual campaigns. Once the photo shoot is done, the chosen pictures are altered through Photoshop and other computer software that enhances features. And, according to the report, have likely increased in number as "new media" have been created and access to media has become omnipresent.

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sexualization of little girls
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sexualization of little girls
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